Cradle of Champions
Постер для фильма Cradle of Champions
«Fighting for your life in the city of dreams. The most high-profile 'dream team' of documentary talent in decades comes together to capture the extraordinary drama of three extraordinary young people hoping to change their lives through the biggest,...
The Iconoclast
Постер для фильма The Iconoclast
2017 Великобритания, Испания
Режиссер King Adz
A DocumenTree
Постер для фильма A DocumenTree
«One man's mission to bring hope to the world in the form of a 10 foot walking, talking tree»
Come Before Winter
Постер для фильма Come Before Winter
2017 США, Германия
Режиссер Кевин Экваль
«Dietrich Bonhoeffer and his companions in the dying gasps of the Third Reich»