Майкл Ритчи

Michael Ritchie

Майкл Ритчи

Дата рождения — 28.11.1938

Фильмы с участием Майкл Ритчи


Флетч жив
Постер для фильма Флетч жив
IMDB 6.1
Кинопоиск 7.3
«When there's more trouble than one man can handle...there's more than one man for the job»
Дикие кошки
Постер для фильма Дикие кошки
IMDB 5.9
Кинопоиск 6.6
«Her dream was to coach high school football. Her nightmare was Central High»
Постер для фильма Флетч
IMDB 8.0
Кинопоиск 7.8
«Fletch. Until last week, he was just another mild-mannered reporter fighting for truth, justice and a window office. Now he's being threatened, shot at, accused and arrested. And that's by the people he's trying to help. But there's still one thing even